Don’t hot-foot it into Summer! Part 2

Summer is still with us and it is turning out to be even better than most of us may have expected. Unfortunately, the lovely sunshine can cause problems with your feet.

One of the most common summertime foot problems is cracked heels caused by open-backed shoes such as sandals and flip flops rubbing around the edge of the heel causing it to dry out and “split”. This is easy to prevent; gently file the skin with a foot file 2 or 3 times a week (we have some great ones in stock that leave a lovely smooth finish) and apply a good moisturising foot cream twice a day. If the  skin is so thick that filing makes no difference, come and see us and we can deal with it for you.

Let’s face it, all feet sweat, so to prevent excessive foot sweating and odour it’s always good to wear open sandals when you can and change tights or socks at least once a day. The best socks for summer-wear are 70 per cent cotton or wool; these socks draw sweat away from the skin, keeping the skin dry and reducing odour. Keeping your feet clean is vital too because the bacteria that break down the sweat and cause our feet to smell are washed away.  If you have real problems with sweaty feet, come and talk to us because there are a number of products out there that can really help to get sweaty feet under control and we can give you plenty of tips on how to look after them.

Lightweight footwear such as flip flops and flimsy sandals can cause their own problems; alternate your footwear so that this style of shoe isn't worn all the time. Constant wear can create blisters - particularly between the toes if you are wearing flip flops with ‘thongs’.  

Top tips for preventing blisters in the hot weather:

Be sure that footwear fits properly. If a shoe is either too loose, allowing for excess motion of the foot, or too tight, creating pressure points, blisters and discomfort will occur sooner or later.

Keep feet dry at all times. If socks become wet from excessive perspiration, change them.

Give feet ample rest. Over-worked feet increase heat and moisture in footwear, increasing the likelihood of developing blisters.

Wear the correct footwear for the occasion. If you like sightseeing, or a long walk on the beach, make sure that your footwear is supportive otherwise you will end up with aching feet. If you are going for a paddle and like to wear something on your feet, wear flip flops or shoes that are designed to dry quickly so your feet aren’t in damp footwear for too long.

If you do develop a blister, don’t burst it. Cover it with a sterile dressing, keep it clean, change the dressing daily and monitor for infection. If it bursts on its own, follow the same advice. If it looks infected, seek medical advice as you may need antibiotics. Try and avoid wearing the shoes that have caused it. If you have diabetes, poor circulation or have been told that your feet are ‘at risk’ and you develop a blister you MUST seek medical advice promptly whilst you are on holiday and see your Podiatrist or GP when you get home to ensure that it doesn’t worsen. If you are going on holiday, take a first aid kit with you to make sure that you can look after any foot problems whilst you are away.

Happy holidays and enjoy the sunshine comfortably!









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